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Wedding Wednesday

12 Jun

So as you know, Joseph and I got engaged April 12th – exactly two months ago!

Well good news!

We’ve set a date!! YAY!

We will be getting married on April 26, 2014!

I created a countdown timer online but WordPress doesn’t support JavaScript or Flash so you’ll have to click on that gray link to actually see the timer on the website…pretty stupid but whatever.

I put a countdown on the home page on the right side that you can see if you scroll down –>

but that is what WordPress offers…lame.  I wanted one that shows at least the days but I’ll probably get over it.  If anyone knows how to put a good countdown on here that will actually work (unlike the one above) please let me know.

So far we have booked our venue, set the date, booked the photographer, and booked the DJ!  Whoop!  Now I can sit back and hopefully take it easy until dress shopping comes around…


10 Jun

Last month, Joseph and I went to see Taylor Swift perform at the Toyota Center.  I know you may be thinking, “Seriously?  Taylor Swift?”

Yes, Taylor Swift.  Funny story:

Last December I was listening to the radio (93Q) and they were having a give-away for TSwift tickets where caller 10 would win the tickets.  I was stuck in traffic so I thought, “What the heck…this will pass the time.”  I began calling and getting the always familiar “busy” signal.  I called 10 times and thought, “Someone surely has won already because I alone have already called 10 times.”  But nothing had been announced on the radio so I continued calling.  On the 12th time, the phone actually rang.  The DJ picked up saying, “93Q.”  And I was like, “Umm hi.  I was calling about the tickets.”  Because I really expected him to say something along the lines of “Congrats you are caller 10” or “93Q sorry you are caller whatever and we already gave the tickets away” or something other than just “93Q.”  Then he said, “What’s your name?”  I said, “Blair.”  He says, “Larry??”  And I laughed and said, “No! Blair!”  And he said, “I thought Larry was a strange name for a woman but you never know!  So what was it that you were calling about, Larry?”  I said, “The tickets.”  So he responded with, “The what?”  And I said, “The tickets.”  He said, “Which tickets?”  And of course you all know my lengthy amount of patience and how irritated I can get so I said, “The tickets.  For Taylor Swift.  You literally just had a call-in contest for listeners to win them. ” all with my frustrated laugh.  He said, “Oh okay, let me check for you Larry.”  So I am left there on hold thinking, “I should just hang up.  Clearly they are gone if he doesn’t even know what I am talking about…”  He gets back on the line and says, “Which tickets were they again?”  And I was like, “Taylor Swift!”  And he says, “Oh right.  Sorry it has been one of those weeks.  Do you ever have those weeks, Larry?”  to which I respond, “All the time, in fact I am having one now.”  Then he says, “Well it’s been a long week, you’ve been patient, it’s 12 days til Christmas and Larry, YOU ARE GOING TO SEE TAYLOR SWIFT!”  And I was like, “Wait. What? Seriously?”  He confirmed and we laughed as he took down my information.  Mom and Dad were on the way to Dad’s Christmas party so I called them and told them to listen in a few minutes to see if I was on the radio.  They ended up hearing it all and one of Mom’s friends texted her and said, “I think I just heard Blair on the radio.  Tell Larry congrats!” haha

I decided to keep it a secret since I didn’t get any texts or phone calls from anyone saying they heard it.  I ended up giving them to Joseph for Christmas as kind of a ‘haha isn’t this funny’ kind of thing.  (I still got him all the other things because I do my shopping early and that would be mean of me to just give him TSwift tickets that I won on the radio.)

You may be asking, “Why didn’t you just sell them and make money off of stupid spoiled teeny-boppers?!?”  The reason we didn’t, is A) I like TSwift and Joseph doesn’t mind her and B) I couldn’t pick up the actual tickets until 3 days before the concert which I guess is to prevent people from selling them.  So the whole time, I had no idea where our seats would be.

On the night of, on our way to our seats, I asked Joseph if he wanted to get drinks before we sat down.  He said he would wait so we went and found our seats, which turned out to be pretty awesome, especially for being free.

View from our seats without any zoom

View from our seats without any zoom

During the first two minutes of sitting, we heard loud squealing, saw little girls dancing and crying from excitement,

Dancing little girls in front of us

Dancing little girls in front of us

and realized the average age of the Toyota Center was about 15 years old.  We quickly changed our minds on those drinks…

thought about beer but got something a little stronger...

thought about beer but got something a little stronger…

The couple next to us had the same idea…and really I mean the guy.  They were a couple of years younger than us and the girl was a die-hard fan.  The guy was there enjoying his drinks and being a good boyfriend.  haha

When TSwift finally came on stage, she had lots of energy and gave a good vibe that the concert was going to be fun and action-packed.

TSwift Opener

And it was…when she was actually performing.

Why would I word it like that?  “Actually performing…”  That’s because a lot of the concert time was spent with her doing this…


That’s what she did.  She would finish a song and just stand there gazing out into the crowd for an awkward amount of time, multiple times.  I mean, I would imagine it would be crazy standing on stage with thousands of people cheering for you but gee whiz…you are on tour, get used to it and actually perform for these people!  It was slightly annoying because her smug look made it seem like she was like, “Yes cheer for me, I am the queen of the world” or something stupid like that.  Other times, she would finish a song and go off talking about some random crap.  Like hating on exes and talking your ear off about her life.  Joseph and I on several occasions wanted to yell, “Shut up and sing!”  One time she finished a song and started talking so I went to the restroom, then to the bar, and made it back to my seat right after she started the next song.  Talk about ridiculous.

TSwift All Red

As you can probably tell, there is a certain color that appears all over this concert…that’s because this was her Red Tour because her last album title was Red.

TSwift Therapy Ben Stiller

When she was sitting on that trunk, I think she had her longest “therapy session.”  Annoying.  Also, I know the right picture her face is blocked by that piece of equipment but I was trying to show y’all the band guy next to her.  Doesn’t he resemble Ben Stiller?  Joseph and I thought so…

"Feeling Swim Suit!"

“I don’t know about you, but I’m feeling Swim Suit!”

Funny thing about that caption.  The song, “22”, says “I don’t know about you, but I’m feeling 22” but Joseph swears he hears, “I don’t know about you, but I’m feeling swim suit!”  Which makes NO sense but if you listen to the song, I can see where he hears that.  haha cracks me up every time.  Oh, and that middle left picture is TSwift being carried from the front stage to the back stage on someone’s shoulders while she high-fived all the fans she ran through.

TSwift Therapy Ed Sheeran

TSwift had another therapy session on that stool then Ed Sheeran (who opened for her) came out and joined her on the back stage which lifted up and spun around.  That was pretty neat.

TSwift Lifted

After a few songs on the back stage, TSwift hopped up on this little stand and was strapped in and hoisted high above the crowd as she moved from the back of the arena to the front stage.  It looked like fun to me!

TSwift Piano

She played a few songs on the piano and performed in several outfits that didn’t have red – other than her lipstick and microphone.

TSwift Finale

Her finale theme was circus-like with people on stilts and in crazy costumes while she looked like a Ringmaster.

She did not come back and do an encore as many performers have done that I’ve seen…in fact, I think she is the ONLY one that I have seen that HASN’T done an encore, minus those at the Houston Rodeo because they are not allowed to.

Oh but don’t worry…she soaked in the applause for a solid five minutes at the end of her performance before she disappeared from the stage.

TSwift Soaking It In

Overall I loved her performances…when she actually performed.  But her therapy sessions ruined it for me.  I was happy that we went but selling the tickets would have been nice if I would’ve had the chance.  If I would’ve paid for the tickets I would not have been a happy camper.  But we didn’t spend money other than the drinks so I can’t say it was a wasted night.  Joseph and I had fun joking about all of the little girls with their “cool moms” around us.  They were the moms that acted like the mom from Mean Girls (watch video clip here if you don’t know what I’m talking about).  So we entertained ourselves.  It is good to know that we can have fun with each other no matter where we are…

“…pure randomness.”

7 Jun


That is always exciting!  It’s a shame the weekends go by so fast 😦

Anyhoo…I saw this video a while back and kept meaning to share but I have sucked at blogging lately but whatever I thought it was pretty funny…

…well actually let me preface this video with a different video because the funny video is a parody of this original song.  (**Warning:  the language of this song is not edited and it has a bit of profanity. **)

As a side note, did anyone else think Macklemore was black?  I had no idea he was white until I saw the video.

But back to my original video.  Did you watch the original one?  Yes?  Okay good.  Watch this one.

Gift Shop (Thrift Shop Parody)

Gift Shop (Thrift Shop Parody)


Speaking of stupidly funny videos…

I’m sure all of you have heard about the website  If not, click that link and check it out.  Basically it is a website of the outrageous people you see at Walmart that usually have ZERO shame.

The People of Walmart

I saw this video and it is catchy but the pictures are just hilarious.  Sometimes it’s hard to believe that these are real people but then again, people never cease to amaze me.


So last week, I was putting on eye liner and noticed that I had a little bump on my eyelid right on the edge.  After examining more closely, I realized that it was an ingrown eyelash!  On my top eyelid!  How weird is that?  And the really weird thing is that it didn’t hurt at all and it wasn’t red…just a little raised up only where the eyelash was…here’s a crappy picture of it…

photo (2)

I left it alone hoping that it would work itself out but wasn’t going to put eyeliner on until it went away…well it wasn’t going anywhere.  So the other night I decided to get it out myself.  It took tweezers, a needle, and thirty minutes to get that bad boy out.  Oh and now I have a bruise on my eyelid where I pinched it with the tweezers….and also, in case you are wondering, it sucks to pluck an eyelash.

Did I mention how long that thing was?!

Did I mention how long that thing was?!

Has this ever happened to anyone else?  I feel like my eyelashes are always turning or hurting from sleeping on them or something…am I the only one?


One night when Joseph was at the house, I walked out to our mailbox to check the mail.  We have one of those community boxes (ugh stupid) across the street.  As I was walking across the road I was about to kick a “stick” when it moved.  Turns out it was a snake and a vicious one at that!  He turned and faced me in striking mode!

photo (7)So I got our mail then ran back inside to ask Joseph if we had a shovel and he said no so I ran into the garage and grabbed a tiny hand-held spade shovel – you know, one that you use in a flower bed because that’s all we had – then ran back through the living room and Joseph was like, “What the heck are you doing?!” and I said, “There’s a snake out there and I think it may be a coral snake!!”  The red and black were touching.  He was itty bitty, like maybe 8″ long.  So Joseph came outside with me and took the tiny shovel from me while I held my phone flash light on the snake.  The snake turned around in striking mode to Joseph too.  He was a scary little thing!  But fearless Joseph hacked at the devil snake until he stopped moving.


Hard to see but yellow and red are touching

I’m not sure if it actually was a coral snake or not but either way it was a snake and I didn’t want it living around me anymore.  Now I am hesitant and jumpy when I work in the flower bed…wonderful.  Stupid snakes.


I hope everyone has a wonderful weekend!!  I will be enjoying a big ol’ helping (or two) of these tasty buggers…


And I cannot wait!

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