HFD Memorial

5 Jun

Last Friday there was a terrible fire in Houston at the Southwest Inn motel that sadly claimed the lives of four members of the Houston Fire Department.

EMT Captain Matthew Renaud, 35, Engineer Operator EMT Robert Bebee, 41, Firefighter EMT Robert Garner, 29 and Probationary Firefighter Anne Sullivan, 24, died battling the blaze when the roof collapsed.

The massive fire sent 13 injured fire fighters to the hospital as well.  So very sad.

On KHOU it stated that the four fatalities on Friday made it the deadliest day in the 118-year history of the department.

Last night the Houston Astros paid tribute to HPD by wearing a HPD badge on their uniforms and had a performance dedicated to the fallen fire fighters.

Today, the city of Houston is holding a public memorial service at Reliant Stadium.  The morning began at 5am with hundreds of fire trucks from around the state lining up and making their way to Reliant in a form of slow parade.  Then at 8am a memorial procession on Kirby Drive began.

The actual Memorial Service in Reliant Stadium begins at 10am.  I believe you can watch it streamed live here (at least that is where you could watch the live procession).  If that link doesn’t work, go to KHOU.com and I’m sure it will be the main story on there.

It is such a sad story but it is amazing to see the city of Houston and even surrounding Texans and fellow Americans show their support.  Firefighters from all over the world (Canada and Australia included) have flown out to man the stations for HFD so they would be able to attend the memorial service for their fallen brothers and sister.  It is so wonderful to see that kind of good in the world.

If you have the time, check out the memorial service live.  There will be speakers of all kinds – family members, co-workers, the Houston mayor, and the governor.  I think it will be a nice service so hopefully I can find time at work to be able to watch it at least for a little bit.

One Response to “HFD Memorial”

  1. Mauricia June 5, 2013 at 2:56 PM #

    I was able to listen and occasionally watch the memorial service today. It was very nice seeing the community come together in their honor and very touching. However, it did make me wonder how other families that have lost a fire fighter or police officer in a single on duty fatality feel, as their loved ones were not honored to this degree.

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