Quarter of a Century…

5 Jul

Whelp…I officially feel old.  I’ve hit a whole quarter of a century.  Besides the fact that I feel exactly the same as I did as 24, it feels weird…does that make sense?  I still feel like I should be 18 or at least still in college.  Definitely don’t feel like I should be at the age where I am getting married, bought a house, and my friends are having babies on purpose…

I saw this and thought it was funny...

I saw this and thought it was funny…

Last year I took the entire week off for my birthday because it was a week that I already had Friday off, plus I had off for the 4th of July.  So basically I only had to take 3 days off to be off for the full week.  This week was my Friday to work and the 4th was yesterday and since Joseph and I are going to need vacation for wedding/honeymoon stuff, I thought I would just save my vacation days for later.  Next year, remind me never to do that again.  Monday was quite possibly the worst day of work that I have ever had.  Happy Birthday to me, right.  Ugh.

After work I had a nail appointment then met my family and Joseph at Wild Ginger for a hibachi-style dinner.  I always think the people who cook for you at those places are pretty funny…mainly because I like corny jokes and they are the masters of corny jokes.

At one point he made little piles of rice on the end of the spatula and flung them at us for us to catch them in our mouths.

IMG_4624 - Copy

Trey was first and he caught it no problem.  Joseph was next and his split into two pieces in the air and somehow he caught both…tough act to follow for me…

When he got to me, he put a single piece of rice to throw to me because of my tiny bird mouth…

Bird Mouth RiceSomehow, even though it was only a single piece of rice, I still managed to miss it.  I was never good at that game.  I killed the streak too because Mom and Dad both ended up missing theirs after me.  At least I wasn’t the only one…

He did all the typical jokes like calling the sauces random things like Japanese tequila, Japanese Dr. Pepper, and he even made us “Japanese Egg Rolls” since we said we liked egg rolls.

It is the egg shell covered in soy sauce and sesame seeds...

It is an egg-shell covered in soy sauce and sesame seeds…don’t worry we didn’t actually eat it.

He made the biggest onion volcano I have ever seen…

Onion Volcano

I’m not sure if he actually meant for the fire to be that big or not but either way it was pretty cool.

Once the fire died out a little bit he “steamed” our vegetables

"Steamed Broccoli"

“Steamed Broccoli”

and did the classic choo-choo train.


This guy had only been doing this for a month but you couldn’t tell.  He was really good at it and was funnier and more interactive than most that I have seen.  I was impressed and had a lot of fun.

IMG_4642Plus, it was delicious.  AND he was smart because he put our rice bowls on our plates upside down and I wasn’t sure why but when we started eating I realized that my rice was still warm and that was awesome because it is usually cold by the time they are done cooking everything else.  That was the first time I had ever seen any of the cooks do that.

So minus the whole work sucking ordeal, my birthday was really great.

Oh, and I can’t forget to mention my awesome birthday gift from Joseph.


My very own shotgun!! I was SO excited!  It is a Remington 11-87, 20 gauge, auto-loader.  I LOVE IT!!

We went to shoot sporting clays on Wednesday after work and I was very happy with how it shot.  The kick is barely noticeable and it is very easy to shoot.

Also, look how pretty it is.

ShotgunIt has beautiful wood-work all over it.  I just love, love, love it!

I can’t wait to go shoot it again soon!

I hope everyone had a great 4th of July and enjoys their weekend!!  Be safe with all the crazies out and about for the holiday weekend!

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