11 Jul

A few weeks ago a few of my friends and I went to TopGolf.

TG with friends

Have you ever been?

No?  I thought I was the only one that hadn’t.  Here’s the description from the TopGolf website:


TopGolf is the premier golf entertainment complex where the competition of sport meets your favorite local hangout spot. You can challenge your friends and family to addictive point-scoring golf games that anyone from the hopeful pro golfer to your neighbor’s 7-year-old kid can play year-round. Just picture a 215-yard outfield with dartboard-like targets in the ground. The closer to the center or “bull’s-eye” you get and the farther out you hit your microchipped balls, the more points you receive. Score even bigger with TopGolf’s extensive food and beverage menu that is sure to impress even the pickiest foodies. It’s not golf – it’s TopGolf. Give it a shot!

Also, here are some pictures of the place from their website:

Basically it is a 3-story shooting range (do they call those shooting ranges? I dunno. whatever.) where you have golf balls with microchips in them that send a signal to the computer after you hit it and depending on how far down the range and how close to the center of the target you get, your points change.  You HAVE to make it into one of these massive targets to even get points.  Some are only 25 yards out and others are way further.

View from our tee

View from our tee. That red one in front is 25 yards.


View from our tee

Sounds and looks easy enough, right?  NOPE.

We were on the bottom level.  When I first started I struck out like 4 times (meaning I swung the club and COMPLETELY missed the ball) or barely knicked the ball and it would roll 4 feet in front of me.

Of course, I was super frustrated and hated it off the bat but then after a little bit I started doing much better and it actually ended up being a lot of fun.  Joseph and Justin had to calm me down when I was getting frustrated and kept reminding me that I’d never golfed before other than putt-putt so actually teeing off was a completely different feel and can actually be quite difficult.

Here’s how I started my first game…

Pretty awesome, right?

Pretty awesome, right? You would be frustrated too.

But here is how I ended my last game…



Check out our awesome golfing skills…









Don’t act like you aren’t impressed.

It was a lot of fun and I definitely would recommend it to people if you’ve never been.  The only thing is that it can get pretty expensive.  Before 6pm it is $20 per hour per bay area.  Each bay area can hold up to 6 people (kinda like a lane at a bowling alley) so you can split it between everyone so that’s pretty cheap.  But after 6pm it jumps up to $40 an hour and it is very easy to keep playing for a while.  We got there around 5pm and played for about 2.5 hours.


Oh, and to “top” it off (haha I’m so funny), they are building a North Houston location soon in Spring so it will be SO much closer to my house!  I can’t wait!  Who wants to go TopGolfing?

2 Responses to “TopGolf”

  1. Kooken July 11, 2013 at 11:02 AM #

    Well… I can officially say while I had a blast, I am the most awkward looking golfer in the history of the world. Next time we are upper decking that business.

  2. Neva July 11, 2013 at 12:01 PM #

    I’m down!! We’ve been wanting to go!!

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