26 Aug

Last night the MTV Video Music Awards were aired. Did anyone watch it? I had to record it and watch it today. I am still confused as to why the VMA’s actually exist because let’s be honest – the only music video half of America has even seen is Blurred Lines and that has become extremely old.

Lady Gaga started off the show with the craziest eyes I have ever seen…

Then again, it is Lady Gaga so crazy is all I expect. And please explain to me why it was acceptable for her to be in a THONG bikini at the end of her performance…I mean I figured from past VMAs that this program became a more “mature audience” type of show but come on.

Speaking of this being for a more mature audience…

Two words: Miley Cyrus. WOW. Just wow.

I’m sure even if you didn’t see the VMAs you still heard about this performance. She is so incredibly trashy it is almost unbelievable. Is anyone sure of exactly what type of drugs she is on? She needs to be the next one put into rehab because if she isn’t on drugs then she has some major daddy issues (yeah, I’m talking about you Billy Ray).

This girl took tacky to a whole new level. Her tongue couldn’t stay in her mouth, she kept feeling herself up either with her hand or that foam finger she was carrying around, she kept feeling up Robin Thicke with that same foam finger, licked his neck, then bent over in front of him up against his junk in his Beetle Juice outfit. I don’t know what her obsession with twerking is but I feel that you at least need an ass to twerk. Miley, in case no one told you, you have NO ass. STOP attempting to twerk.

I mean, I heard about this performance before I saw it but my jaw wouldn’t close the entire time I was watching. Talk about Hannah Montana hitting rock bottom. Dumping her was the single best thing Liam Hemsworth ever did…kid dodged a bullet on that one.

Anyone else hate Kanye West? I am assuming every one of you said yes because I have yet to meet a single intelligent person that thinks he is higher than dirt (and I am assuming all of you are intelligent because you read my blog but hey, maybe I’m biased). Did you know his nickname is Yeezy but lately he has been calling himself Yesus because he thinks so highly of himself that he belongs in the same ranks as Jesus. Yes, Jesus, as in the Son of God. I despise Kanye West with a passion. What was that performance that he did? Lay off the autotune, man. I’ll be honest, I had to fast forward through it after about a minute because it was so ear piercingly horrible.

On a lighter note, Taylor Swift looked very classy. Then again, she usually does. She has a classic look to her.

Justin Timberlake was given the Video Vanguard Award. He performed for about 15 minutes. It was great! He did a montage of his big hits. I could probably watch him dance all day. He’s got some serious moves, especially for a white guy. There had been talk of NSYNC coming back for a reunion performance but then I thought it was dismissed as a rumor. And from the looks of their performance, it was thrown together quickly to please the nation’s cries for a boy band reunion. It was a very brief performance but enough to ease the NSYNC crazies of the world. And how precious was it that his parents were there?!

Macklemore and Ryan Lewis performed their new hit “Same Love.” If you haven’t heard it, you should. It’s a good song. Whether you believe in gay rights or not, it’s a great song. But I think it a good message that everyone should hear. I am just happy to see a hip hop artist using his fame as a ground to create peace rather than spreading hate and talking trash like most do.

Katy Perry’s performance was built up throughout the show and she closed it out for the finale.  I may be biased because I love me some Katy Perry but I liked it.  The song is very uplifting and a “feel-good” song. Not to mention, did anyone see her jump-roping skills?  I’m jealous.  We jump rope all the time at CrossFit and I’ve never looked that good doing it and definitely couldn’t sing half a song after doing it!

Overall I was less than impressed with the VMAs and to be honest, quite appalled from all the rear and trashy-ness at the beginning.

What did you think?

**By the way, I realize that no pictures were loaded on here. I will try to fix that tomorrow but my computer is acting up and isn’t letting me add them right now Finally able to upload pictures on here! yay!

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