Just Not My Week…

29 Aug

I hope everyone is having a better week than me…

Let’s recap, shall we?


Well, it’s Monday.  The only ones I have met that I like are Memorial Day and Labor Day.  Work was crazy and super annoying.  We have been so busy lately which is why I haven’t even had time to blog during my lunch period like I used to (hence the lack of blogs lately).  I finally had my laptop delivered for work so I would be able to work from home (and on my Fridays off soon – whooptie doo) after I got my VPN Client approved by IT.  It was super exciting until the IT guys connected it to my existing monitor and I lost everything on my computer.  Luckily I had the important stuff backed up but my emails weren’t being received properly and I didn’t have access to half of my online files.

I had to leave work earlier than normal (which also means I had to get there earlier than normal) because I had to go get my allergy shots -more on those later – in the Woodlands before my nail appointment in Willis.

At my nail appointment, I got a notification via email that my prescription was out of refills at the pharmacy so it was going to be delayed while they contacted my doctor to get a month’s worth to refill.  Frustrated, I just had to cross my fingers in hopes that it would be ready by Friday before I left to go out of town because I was going to run out this weekend.

After my nail appointment I started feeling not so awesome so I went home, ate dinner, showered, and went to bed.


I woke up around 1:30 in the morning in HORRIBLE pain.  My stomach was cramping up SO badly.  I think my body woke me up so I would make it to the bathroom in time.  I don’t know if it was food poisoning, a stomach bug, or a bad reaction to my allergy shots but it was coming out of both ends and it was awful.  I emailed my boss around 2am to let him know I probably wouldn’t be in if I continued that…and I did.  Until about 10am.  I felt a little better in the afternoon but not super.

 Also, I missed a free lunch at work to celebrate a guy’s 50th birthday.  Bummer.  I love free food.  AND I didn’t go work out because who wants to work out when they are sick?  Not me.

WEDNESDAY (this one’s a doozie):

I got to work a little earlier – 5:30am to be exact – to make up for my lost time from being sick on Tuesday and my computer issues on Monday.  I felt perfectly fine Wednesday morning so that was good news.

At 9am I had an appointment to donate blood in our building.  It took about 30 minutes to check in because I am pretty sure they forgot about me when the chick left me behind that curtain thing.  Some other girl came back there and looked confused and asked what all they had done for me and proceeded with checking me in.  Good news – free coupon for a pint of Blue Bell ice cream.  Bad news – no free shirt.

Normally I get light-headed when donating so I was impressed when I made it through just fine.  They had me hold my arm over my head and press gauze on my needle stick area.  After about a minute the lady told me to put it down.  She went to replace the gauze and to wrap it with that sticky wrap stuff and when she took off the original gauze, blood shot up about an inch and a half out of my arm then immediately covered my elbow-pit.  That’s when the light-headedness kicked in.  She held it up in the air again and after it stopped, she cleaned my arm and wrapped it up and had to give me an ice pack to put on the back of my neck so I didn’t pass out.  I felt a little light-headed for the rest of the day and that sucked.

After work, I went to get my allergy shots again (yes, twice a week).  When they lady stuck me with one, I immediately felt a sharp pain in my tricep and a tingling down my arm.  It has happened before but nothing like that.  It actually was very painful to even lift my arm up for the rest of the night.

On my way home, I stopped to pick up my medicine from the pharmacy because I received an email saying it was ready.  The Asian female version of Chumlee from Pawn Stars was helping me.

She tells me my prescription is only $6 and some change when normally it is almost $30.  I hate the generic brand because it makes me break out pretty badly so I ask her before she charges me if it is the generic version of my medicine.  She checks it and says no and that it was the name brand and proceeds to ring me up.  Once I get the package, I look at it…it’s the generic brand.  When I tell her she says, “No that’s the name brand.”  I stare at her dumbfounded that she works in a pharmacy and has no idea that this medicine is the generic version of what I need.  After arguing with her for a solid 5 minutes, she gets the actual pharmacist who doesn’t understand why I don’t want the generic.  WHO CARES?? I want the more expensive one!  Why would you argue with that.  Thirty minutes later, I finally leave the pharmacy with the proper medication.

When I got home, I walk into my closet to find what?  ANTS.  EVERYWHERE!  In my brand new house.

I sprayed them then showered and made dinner.  When I came back in my closet, there were even more AND they were in my bag that I packed for this weekend. I was so mad.  I had to dump out my bag on my bathroom floor, shake out my clothes, spray all those little jerk ants, then swiffer my floor because there was ant spray everywhere and I didn’t want Hemi to walk over it and lick her feet and get sick.  So anyways, I sprayed them with ant and roach killer, then tried to clean them up.  Do you know how hard it is to clean up dead ants off of carpet?  It’s even more difficult when you are an idiot.  And folks, this night I was an idiot.  My only thought was, “I’ll use a lint roller to get all these suckers up.”  I was about 25 sticky sheets into it when Joseph called and I was telling him what I was doing and he said, “Well, why don’t you use a vacuum.”  Honest to goodness, that never even crossed my mind.  IDIOT.  I vacuum the rest up (in about 2 minutes) the had to shower again because I had ant spray all over me from rolling around on the ground while trying to lint roll the floor…


I get to work early again (around 5:45am) just because I felt like it and was hoping to leave a little early to go work out.  I woke up with my arm hurting even worse than the day before from my allergy shot.

When I got my laptop, I was told that it would only take a day to complete my VPN Client set-up by IT and I requested it on Monday and it still wasn’t complete.  I check the status of my request only to find that it was still drafted and not actually submitted…even though I received a notification saying it was submitted.  Well, I planned to work from home on Friday now because I needed an emergency exterminator to come take care of my ant problem and the only time they could come was between 12:30-2:30pm.  I can’t work from home without the VPN Client so I spend the majority of the day speaking with IT (based out of India=awesome), emailing random people who may be able to expedite the request.

After talking to about 12 people on the phone, 3 people taking over my computer via my IP address to try to help, and sending about 10 email requests, I finally received my approval for my VPN Client and could work from home.  This was at 5:30PM.  I was at work for 12 hours waiting for this crap.  I pack up my laptop and files to work on Friday, and battle 6pm traffic on the way home.

When I get to my exit on the freeway, I realize I forgot my sign-on ID card that I need in order to do a very important part of my job on Friday.  So guess what I get to do?  That’s right.  Turn around and go ALL the way back downtown to get it.  UGH.

My arm that is sore from the allergy shot is now hurting more than ever, hot and pink with fever, and swollen all along my tricep and over my elbow.  No idea what is going on but I guess I will call the doctor tomorrow if it keeps up.

That is the back of my arm swelling up over my elbow...feels great.

That is the back of my arm swelling up over my elbow…feels great.

So tomorrow is…


After working from home, exterminating the ants and the rest of our house, and repacking my bag that is no longer filled with ants, I head off to Gruene, Texas for Ali’s Bachelorette Party!  I can’t wait!


One Response to “Just Not My Week…”

  1. Neva August 30, 2013 at 8:36 AM #

    You forgot to mention lunch yesterday that made this whole week semi-tolerable right?!?!!! 😉 Love you and I hope nothing is seriously wrong with your arm! Enjoy your weekend!

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