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Murder Mystery Dinner

24 Sep

Have any of you ever been to a murder mystery dinner?

In recent months, I noticed a deal on Living Social for a murder mystery dinner.  I’ve heard good things about these types of dinners and thought it could be fun so a few friends and I decided to buy it to see how it would be…It was downtown at a nice restaurant (Birraporetti’s) on a Thursday evening so it was perfect since we could pop over there after work.  I’ve been to Birraporetti’s a few times for work lunches and it was expensive and delicious so I thought a $50 deal for two for dinner, dessert, and a murder mystery theater show would be at least worth the food!

I mean, how could you not think it would be worth it??  That was the actual picture on the Living Social deal so it looked awesome.  I love food and I love CSI so it totally seemed worth $25.

Gina, Chelsea, and I got there a little early so we hung out at the bar as we casually tried to figure out where to go because we didn’t see any obvious signs or crowds of people going anywhere…after a glass of wine, I decided to wander around to figure it out.  Turns out there were stairs in the back of the restaurant and the event was down there.

The three of us went down to get a table while we waited for Morgan, Neva, and Korey.  The room was pretty small but there was a table left that was big enough for all 6 of us so we snagged it.  The rest of our group got there, we all got drinks, and the host came around greeting each table and asked who would be interested in being an actor for the show.


Chelsea volunteered with great enthusiasm because that is right up her alley.

The title of the show was the following:

The "Big Band" Theory

The “Big Band” Theory

The names of the characters were all play on words…


Before the mystery dinner started, we had dinner.  It was buffet style Italian food that was sub par.  We didn’t get to pick what we wanted and it was slightly disappointing because I thought we would at least get to pick from a select few menu items or something.  Definitely not worth the $25 so far…

Turns out Chelsea was picked to be Helen Back (read: Hell and Back) the ex-girlfriend of Big Band Bobby (the host).  She was amazing!  She came out with sass and a sweet accent!

Helen Back

Helen Back

She was one of the first people to perform and she set the bar WAY too high for the rest of the “actors.”  They were all pretty horrible at acting and even more terrible at reading.  I’m not knocking them for sucking at reading aloud because I’m not great at it but that’s also why I didn’t volunteer.  Each character had a small bit to read then Big Band Bobby had us get together with our table to guess who killed his girlfriend.  Other than Chelsea, we didn’t even leave our seats.  I was expecting some sort of intellectual thought to be needed but it was basically a shot in the dark after watching people who are not great at public reading…

It definitely was not anything that I expected…but it was fun.  The reason that it was fun was because it was different and I was with a fun group of friends.  I mean, how can you not have a blast with this group?

Murder Mystery

So I’ll ask again with better specifications.  Have any of you been to a murder mystery dinner that was worth it??

What time is it? GAME TIME!

13 Sep

Who’s ready for THE game of the year??

If you don’t know what I am talking about then you clearly live under a rock and I feel sorry for you.

Saturday at 2:30pm CST the Aggies take on the Tide in Aggieland.  Saban and his team are out for revenge seeing as Texas A&M was the only team that kept them from a perfect season last year.  A&M is out to prove that last year wasn’t a fluke.

Here’s an awesome article to get you jacked up for the game if for some strange inhumane reason you are not already fired up.

We are headed off to Aggieland to be there for the action and I am SO PUMPED!  Whatever the outcome, I am sure it will be an amazing game.

Let’s go Ags!!


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