Happy Halloween!!

31 Oct

Happy Halloween Everyone!!

What are you doing for Halloween?  Anything exciting?

This year will be my first official Halloween to have Trick-or-Treaters!!  I was so excited that I bought candy and a big bowl about 2 weeks ago…which obviously means the majority of it was gone by the beginning of this week…so I had to buy another bag.  Now I should have plenty!  Also, it is supposed to be horrible weather all day and night so I may have not even needed to get that second bag of candy…we shall see!  Either way, I am pretty excited!

If you have kids, I am sure you are always concerned for their safety.  In that case, you may want to know which houses contain Registered Sex Offenders.  You can look that up on the Texas Department of Public Safety website here.  I would imagine that it would be against their rules to even be able to have their lights on and pass out candy for Trick-or-Treaters, BUT if they followed all the rules, they wouldn’t be Registered Sex Offenders in the first place, now would they??  So it’s always good to be prepared for these types of things.  To be honest, it is quite frightening to see how many RSOs there are so close to home…

I came across this little gem of Halloween facts on StumbleUpon and thought I would share…

Did you see that last fact in the bottom right corner??  24 pounds of candy PER YEAR?!?  No wonder America is so fat…I’m tempted to weigh every piece of candy I have next year to see how much I actually consume.  No way it is 24 pounds…but since it’s an average that means some people are lower…but that also means some people eat MORE than 24 pounds!! That’s absolutely insane.

Anyhoooo, I hope everyone has a fun and safe Halloween!

I need to carve a pumpkin…think it’s too late?


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