Wedding Wednesday

29 Jan

I realize it has been quite some time since I have updated you guys on wedding details…We have been pretty busy with the wedding planning lately.

WE ARE WITHIN THE LAST 3 MONTHS NOW!!!  I can’t believe it is already so close.  SO MUCH still to do!  AHHH!!  What have I been doing for the past 9 months?!  Feels like I have been super busy but have so little to show for it.

We took our engagement pictures back in October.  If you missed them on Facebook check out my photographer’s blog here!


What do you think??  Lacy is absolutely amazing!  I love love love her bubbly personality and obviously she is great at what she does!  I can’t wait to work with her more for my bridals and our wedding day!


I found my dress a while back and tomorrow I have my fitting for alterations!  What do you think??

Do you like my dress??

Do you like my dress??

Just kidding…you all should know better that it isn’t my dress.  It’s awful.  If you see this and that is your dress and I’ve offended you then good.  You should take it personal because that dress is horrendous.

Sorry (I’m not sorry) but no one will see me in my dress until the big day (except my mom, Joseph’s mom, and Gina-MOH).  Wish me luck!  Hopefully this Advocare challenge has done enough for me!  I don’t think I will need many things altered but we will have a better idea tomorrow.


Did you know weddings are expensive?  Like STUPIDLY expensive?

This bride and groom are piggy banks for a's irony.

This bride and groom are piggy banks for a reason…it’s irony.

Even for a thrifty girl like me it is painfully expensive.  All this crap on Pinterest and random brides’ blogs about a $5,000 wedding are so full of it!  Who did they have at their wedding?? Just themselves and their parents?  Don’t get me wrong, I wasn’t shooting for  a $5K budget and I mean I knew it was going to cost more than I wanted to spend but I never imagined that it would be as expensive as it has been.  If you liked to donate to my wedding fund feel free to do so by making a check out to me the next time you see me.  Kidding…well only kinda kidding…At this point I will gladly take handouts – no shame for this girl!


Speaking of Pinterest… WHO ACTUALLY HAS TIME TO DO ANYTHING THEY SEE ON THERE?  I think I have only had time to even LOOK at Pinterest for wedding stuff maybe 2 or 3 times much less actually do anything I see on there…

I think I did more wedding planning on there before I was actually engaged…anyone else have this issue?


I will try to update you more as the wedding gets closer and more plans are finalized but no promises…it’s overwhelming and I barely have time to do it much less blog about it.  BUT it was a resolution to blog more so maybe I will throw some more wedding themed ones in the mix.  We shall see….dun dun dun (dramatic music) 🙂

Hope everyone had a happy Wednesday and are staying warm and cozy!

BTW I want to give a birthday shout out to two of my lovely bridesmaids – Neva and Chelsea!  Neva’s anniversary for her day of birth was yesterday and Chelsea’s is today!  So happy 5th annual 21st birthdays to you two wonderful ladies!  I love you both ever so much!  We shall do some serious celebrating in the near future!

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