Robin Williams

26 Aug

I know I am WAY late on talking about Robin Williams’s death but I can’t NOT post about it.

I had just gotten out of the shower and getting ready for bed when Joseph told me and I honestly thought it was a joke.  “No way.  That’s just some internet hoax.”

Normally I find celebrity deaths to be sad, just as any other death of someone you don’t know.  It’s sad and sometimes tragic but it never truly hits you.  This one was different.  Robin Williams was different.

It’s like my media childhood was ripped up.

The Genie

Alan Parrish

Mrs. Doubtfire


Batty Koda



John Keating

Professor Philip Brainard


Sean Maguire

Patch Adams

Teddy Roosevelt

There are so many movies of my childhood that he was in that I just loved.  I know there are like a million more out there but these are just some that I watched so many times.  It’s always hard to hear that someone took their own life but for someone who seemed so happy and could make everyone else laugh, it was shocking.

Hopefully something positive came from Robin’s death though.  I pray that people will become more aware of the signs of suicide and how to help someone who struggles with suicidal thoughts.  There are so many things in this world to live for, don’t let the few things that get you down over power your life.

One of my favorite quotes that a friend of mine’s mom used to always say…  “If God brings me to it, God will bring me through it.”

If someone in your life struggles with suicidal thoughts or tendencies, please educate yourself on how to be there for them and get them help.  The American Foundation for Suicide Prevention is a great start.

Evan Rachel Wood’s tweet summed it up best….

Genie. You're Free.

Genie. You’re Free.

RIP Robin Williams


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