Wedding Wednesday

29 Oct

Dress Shopping.

My mother came dress shopping with me and we made appointments at three different bridal shops for one Friday that I had off work.  We started off at Weddings by Debbie in Katy because I had several friends and family members that purchased their dresses there and they had nothing but great things to say.  Also, I had been there with a couple of friends when they were dress shopping and knew that I liked this place and that they had a large selection.

We were introduced to Shawntel who was the most precious consultant ever.  She was awesome and so much fun.  She had my mom and I walk around and pick out about four dresses from the racks and took them back for me to try on.  My mom saw another girl in front of the big mirror with a beautiful dress on and told Shawntel to grab that one once she was done with it.

I tried on the four we had and just didn’t love them.  They were zip up backs and I knew I wanted a corset style back because I am curvy and needed it to fit my waist and hips.  They told me that I could order certain dresses with corset backs but without having the sample one there, I couldn’t visualize how it would look with a corset back and just didn’t like the dresses at all.

Then Shawntel brought in the dress my mom saw on the other girl.  After she helped me into it, I was standing in front of the mirror as she laced up the back.  She pulled and tightened a little bit and I said, “oooh I like this one.”  Then she pulled and tightened a little bit more and I said, “ok I REALLY like this one.”  Then she finished pulling and tightening and I said, “I LOVE IT!  This is going to be the one.  Mom is going to cry.”  Then I turn around and Shawntel was all teary!  haha She didn’t even know me and loved it on me that much.  I walked out to show my mom and she gasped and teared up.


Loved the back!

Loved the back!

Dress Side

That was the last one I tried on at Weddings by Debbie.  I was in love with this dress….but I still had two more appointments that day.  I didn’t care to try on any other dresses but we figured since I had the appointments scheduled already, I might as well go to them to see if there were others out there that I could fall in love with.  Just to be safe, I went ahead and made another appointment with Weddings by Debbie to order the dress the following week.

On our way from Weddings by Debbie to Princess Bridal in Spring, we were exiting the Beltway to get onto 45 when the truck just in front of us on the left side hit a MASSIVE pipe (I’m talking like a piece of an axle or something) and it came flying at us and we screamed and took cover because we just knew it was going to hit our wind shield.  The Lord was watching out for us that day because it hit right at the edge of the wind shield on the driver’s side (mom’s side), ripped her side mirror completely off (and the mirror hit her driver’s side window as it flew off), then slammed into the bed on her side.  Sounds terrifying, right?  IT WAS.  We were shaking and in shock so we got to a place where we could pull over (the nearest gas station since this was right on the exit ramp which exits over the Beltway so we didn’t want to pull over on the shoulder).  We got out of the truck to assess the damage and were shocked.

Mirror ripped off

Mirror ripped off

Driver's side bed above the tire

Driver’s side bed above the tire

It looked so much worse in person than it does in these pictures.  Mom got back in her seat to call Dad to tell him what happened and I was looking at her window because it had some sort of mark on it.  I scratched at it to see if it was just something on the window and all of a sudden the window just shattered!  The broken glass sliced mom’s arm and we were both covered in pieces of glass.

Thank God the window didn’t shatter when we were driving!  This could’ve been such a bad accident!  Out of all the things that could have happened, we were so incredibly lucky.

So then we decide we might as well head to the 2nd store since we were almost there anyway.  We get there and I was less than impressed.  The girl behind the counter was not friendly and basically told me that she hated her job.  I tried on a few dresses but even if I kind of liked them, I couldn’t get out of the funk between the near death experience leaving us covered in shards of glass still and this depressing consultant.  Plus I kept comparing every dress to the one I loved and nothing came close.

We went to my third appointment in the Woodlands and the consultant there was pushy and I felt like she was trying to sell me a used car rather than a wedding dress.  The first one I put on looked absolutely horrible on me and she kept telling me it had to be the one so I was annoyed from the beginning.  I did try on one dress from a designer that was there in the shop that day and it was beautiful.  The bad part was that it was a one of a kind and wouldn’t have been ready until February or March which left practically zero time for alterations and bridal portraits.

It was obvious that to me that I could only fall in love with one dress and I was so excited to go order it the following week!  I am still in love with this dress and SO happy that I found one that was simple, elegant, and perfect for me!

Bridal Portraits

Bridal Portraits

Bridal Portraits

Bridal Portraits


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