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Advocare Results

7 Feb

The last day of my Advocare 24-Day Challenge was this past Wednesday.

I went to take my measurements Wednesday night only to find that the notes on my phone in which I had recorded my original measurements had somehow been deleted.  Talk about a MAJOR upset.  And of course I can’t remember them all…the only ones I remember are my arms.

I took my new measurements anyways and lost an inch in each arm.  Other than that, I have no idea how much I lost.  All I have to go off of is weight loss (which I don’t think is a great way to measure because weight can be deceiving) and my pictures (which are terrible quality).  With that being said, I lost a total of 6 pounds….and here are my poor quality pictures.

Please note that my swimsuit is fastened at the same tightness for each picture because I did not untie behind the neck of my top or the sides of my bottom and the back of the top is a one-size hook.

Advocare Front Results

Advocare Front Results

Advocare Side Results

Advocare Side Results

Overall I feel better about myself and am happy with the results but still have a long way to go before I am content.  It is very hard for me to lose weight and losing 6 pounds in 3 weeks for me is unheard of.  I was only able to work out a few times so these results are strictly from the healthy eating and Adovare Challenge.  The only time I “cheated” on the eating was at Communion at church this past Sunday when I had a bite of white bread dipped in grape juice but I’d like to think that the Lord didn’t let his body and blood count as cheating. 🙂

Have you done the Advocare 24-Day Challenge?  If so, I want to hear about your results.  Did you continue using any Advocare products once you finished the challenge?  I think I am going to continue with the shakes, Spark, and MNS.  But we will see…

Advocare 24-Day Challenge

14 Jan

As of yesterday I have:

18 days until my wedding dress fitting for alterations

39 days until we leave for the cruise for Neva’s Bachelorette Party

68 days until my Bachelorette Party

82 days until Neva’s Wedding


Sooo with that being said…yesterday I started the Advocare 24-Day Challenge along with Joseph, my mom, Gina, Neva, Morgan, and Paige.

I weighed myself yesterday morning (depressing) then had my mom take my measurements last night (even more depressing) then when I got home I took some “Day 1” bikini pictures (the most depressing) to compare to Day 24.  All I’m saying is there better be a big difference between those two days because what I saw yesterday was less than pleasing.  BUT it was a good motivator because I have a lot of things coming up that I need to look good for (that’s me being positive since that was one of my resolutions)!

Since yesterday was the first day I don’t have many observations other than I was so full I thought I would pop, I wasn’t as tired as I normally am due to the Spark Energy Drink stuff they give you, I drank so much water that I got exercise running to and from the restroom, and the fiber drink mix has the texture of watery grits and made me gag for the last sip I chugged (luckily it was only 8oz).  That energy stuff is like crack in drink-mix form.  I was so hyper only minutes after drinking it and I know it’s not a placebo effect type thing because coffee doesn’t do the same thing even though in my head I know it should.

Yesterday morning I weighed myself before I left for work…then I weighed myself again last night.  Big mistake.  This girl gained 3.5 lbs sometime between those two weigh-ins.  I am never someone who weighs myself twice a day because I am well aware that your body weight fluctuates due to water retention, eating, and just being later in the day.  So I won’t make that mistake again because it jacks with your mind and I can’t handle that right now.

I will keep you posted on how I feel and any progress that I see.  I am staying off the scale (at least until Day 10 but going to try to stay off it longer) and I’m not measuring again until Day 24.

Have you done the 24-Day Challenge?  If so, did you see decent results??

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