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It’s Fall Y’all!

28 Oct

Yes, I am aware that it has been Fall for a little bit already but I finally took pictures of my decorations so I wanted to show you. ūüôā

(also, as just a side note…those random blocks of tan aren’t actually how it looks. ¬†I just blocked out our last name.)






Dining Room Table

Dining Room Table

Do you know how hard it was for me to find fall napkins?? ¬†Especially some that I liked?? ¬†I thought Hobby Lobby or Michael’s would have some but nope. ¬†No such luck. ¬†I ended up finding these at Pier 1 (along with the place mats) for more than I wanted to pay (mainly because I am “thrifty”) but at least they are cute.

Entry Table

Entry Table

Obviously that little witch pumpkin will come down after Halloween but for now it works.

Front Porch

Front Porch

Anyone recognize that wreath?  That is the one that I made last year and good news РI still love it!

Halloween Ghost

Halloween Ghost

I bought this little ghost at the Mushroom Festival in Madisonville for a whopping $15! ¬†He is on a stake to go in the yard and is about 2-1/2 or 3 feet tall (just him, not including the stake). ¬†The “Happy Halloween” sign I am holding fell off in transportation from the Mushroom Festival to home so I had to fix it but now he is super cute in my flower bed. ¬†I meant to take a picture of him out there¬†but of course, I forgot. ¬†Shocker. ¬†I will try to remember to take one to add on here but at least you get to see how cute he is ūüôā

**UPDATE: ¬†Here’s the cute little ghost in my flower bed. ¬†See there…I remembered**

Ghost in Action

Ghost in Action

I never realized how much I enjoy Fall decorations until I started buying them for our house. ¬†I had to refrain from getting toooo much because Joseph would freak out. ¬†I seriously could spend just as much money on Fall decorating as I do for Christmas, which is slightly terrifying. ¬†I figured from now on I can allow myself to get one decoration a year since I have a good starting point now. ¬†(we will see how well that goes! ha!) So I’ll let you know how it looks 10 years from now.

Do you decorate for Fall too?  Got any pointers for me?


5 Feb

Today is my mom’s birthday so…


JFF Mom & me - Copy

This woman is absolutely amazing.  She has always been there for me for anything and everything I could ever need.  Words cannot explain how much she means to me.  I am so thankful to have been raised by such a great person who has set the best example for me my entire life.


It has been a crazy year with all of the wedding planning and I cannot even imagine what kind of stress I would’ve been under had she not been such a champ when it comes to doing anything. ¬†Mom has kept me on schedule on what I need to be doing for the wedding and has done more research for me than I even knew was possible. ¬†I can’t praise her enough for the support she has shown me and Joseph. ¬†It means so much to me, Mom, and I truly appreciate it.

Mom & Me at George Strait

I love you so much, Mom! ¬†I can’t wait to celebrate this weekend (since we can actually go out to eat and have a drink since today is the last day of our Advocare challenge)!


5 Jan

It’s officially 2014 and by officially I mean it has been for 5 days now…

The last half of last year, I really sucked at this whole blogging thing…and I apologize. ¬†One of my New Year’s Resolutions? ¬†Blog more often like when I first started…at least more than once a month like I have been lately..

Speaking of New Year’s Resolutions…did you make any? ¬†Normally I don’t really plan on doing anything but this year is different. ¬†I have a WHOLE list of them! ¬†(in no particular order)

Get in Better Shape

Shocker, right? ¬†Who didn’t see this one coming? ¬†Duh, this is like #1 on the most common resolutions list (never actually seen the list but I am guessing it is so don’t take that as fact) but I have even more motive because my wedding is in LESS THAN FOUR MONTHS!! AHHH!!! ¬†Basically eating healthier, exercising more, drinking more water, etc. are all in this category

Go to Church More Often

Since buying a house about 30 minutes away from our church, Joseph and I haven’t received an A+ in attendance. ¬†He comes up to the house on the weekends and we rarely make the drive back to go…So that needs to change.

Blog More

You’re welcome, everyone.


Before we bought our house, Joseph and I had bookoos of money saved up (bookoos being a relative term but it seemed like a whole heck of a lot to two 24 year olds). ¬†Now that we have the house = more bills, and not to mention the wedding, we have been running low on the funds…at least as far as I’m concerned. ¬†There’s a certain amount that I have mentally noted that I do not like my bank account to get under and since buying the house it has been hovering around that amount instead of growing…it’s time to make that piggy grow.

Pay Off (most) Debt

This one kind of contradicts the previous one seeing as we have to spend money to pay off debts BUT I would like to pay off all of my student loans and Joseph’s vehicle by the end of 2014 so all we have is our mortgage. ¬†Obviously we know we won’t pay off our mortgage in 2014 unless we happen to win the lottery…and seeing as I don’t play the lottery, that may be an issue.

Be More Positive ūüôā

I realize that I am not always the most optimistic or ¬†happy-go-lucky person. ¬†I tend to get down on myself or frustrated because I have little patience. ¬†I want to work on that this year. ¬†I will try to have more patience and see the happy side of things. ¬†I don’t think I am a complete grumpy goose by any means but it would be nice to not “sweat the small stuff.” ¬†(says the girl currently planning a wedding – HA!)

Learn Something New (and Useful)

Ok, this cartoon is too optimistic...I just want to learn something new...not every steps.

Ok, this cartoon is too optimistic…I just want to learn something new…not every day…baby steps.

There’s lots of life skills and random hobbies that I would like to learn. ¬†Sewing, how to fix my truck when it breaks (this one may appear to be more useful seeing as Big Red is now over the 10 year mark), Spanish, to play the piano, make different delicious recipes, how to fold a fitted sheet…you know, things like that.

Volunteer More

I guess “Do More for Others” would be a good title for this one but I already chose Volunteer More so get over it. ¬†I already donate blood often – but I can do more. ¬†There’s plenty of help needed at church and in my community that I can volunteer my time/service/money towards. ¬†One thing that will never happen is giving money to a beggar though…I will buy you food but don’t you dare ask me for money.

Be Outside More

This past year, I felt like I never had any time to just be outside. ¬†I LOVE being outside. ¬†I need more of that in my life. ¬†I don’t care if it’s camping, fishing, going on walks, sitting on my porch, whatever – I just want to be out there…but it needs to warm up first.

Take a True Vacation

Not a stay-cation or a visit to somewhere in Texas Рlike a true get-out-and-see-the-world vacation.  Obviously, I have kinda cheated this year because I know we are going out of the country for our honeymoon but I want to make an annual trip to somewhere new Рnot necessarily out of the country every year but definitely out of the state.

Take a Picture Every Day

I have seen people do this in previous years and it seemed pretty cool so I’ve decided to take on the challenge this year. ¬†So far my pictures have been lame and not very exciting but hey, it’s a picture (see-that’s me being positive already). ¬†I just haven’t done anything very eventful so far seeing as I’ve been sick and at home all year so far. ¬†BUT I am determined to get some good ones!

So do you think that is enough to strive for in 2014? ¬†What did you decide to change (if anything because I know you people are perfect and shouldn’t change a thing, right?)

Happy New Year everyone! ¬†Let’s make it the best one yet!

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