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Fightin’ Texas Aggie Game Day!!

28 Aug


It is FINALLY Fightin’ Texas Aggie Game Day!!  And what a way to start off the season!  We have a conference game for game #1 AND not to mention, it will be the first SEC football game to play on the new SEC network!  No pressure Ags!

I will be watching the game with some friends at a bar and I could not be more excited!  I came to work decked out in my Aggie gear and am ready for a fun season!


What time is it? GAME TIME!

13 Sep

Who’s ready for THE game of the year??

If you don’t know what I am talking about then you clearly live under a rock and I feel sorry for you.

Saturday at 2:30pm CST the Aggies take on the Tide in Aggieland.  Saban and his team are out for revenge seeing as Texas A&M was the only team that kept them from a perfect season last year.  A&M is out to prove that last year wasn’t a fluke.

Here’s an awesome article to get you jacked up for the game if for some strange inhumane reason you are not already fired up.

We are headed off to Aggieland to be there for the action and I am SO PUMPED!  Whatever the outcome, I am sure it will be an amazing game.

Let’s go Ags!!


Superb Owl 2013

4 Feb

So who all watched the big game last night?

Neva and Korey hosted a Super Engagement Bowl Party at their house to celebrate their engagement and watch the Super Bowl all in one!  They had a pretty large turn out and it was a lot of fun.

When we got there, everybody decided to put their money into a pot for some score squares at $2 a piece.  I had already purchased 6-$10 squares (3 for me and 3 for Joseph) from my cousin and Joseph had purchased 6-$10 squares (4 for him and 2 for me…what’s wrong with this picture?) from a group at his work but I thought, what the heck, I’ll get in on this and purchased 4 squares (giving myself 3 and Joseph 1 to balance out his mishap from work).  After the first quarter, Joseph won $125 from a square from his work which I think was probably the one he took for himself rather than giving it to me.  Then after the 2nd quarter, he won $250 from my family’s pot on a square that I bought him!  Lucky punk!  Guess how much I won?  Nada.  Always.

Did anyone else put in any money or get lucky and win some last night?

Everyone kept asking who I wanted to win and I honestly didn’t care.  I was just rooting for my numbers!  Which backfired, but at least Joseph won some!

What did y’all think of Beyoncé’s half-time performance?

B looked SO great!  I just love her!

B looked SO great! I just love her!

I personally loved it.  But I love me some BK (or is it BC now since she’s Carter, not Knowles? or did she even change her name? oh well, whatever), not to mention Destiny’s Child!  I was pumped that Kelly and Michelle popped up (quite literally).  If for some extremely terrible reason you missed it, watch it here.  This is the best quality I could find on YouTube even though the top is cut off half of the time…ugh.

Some people said they weren’t impressed but do you remember the performances of Madonna and the Black Eyed Peas in recent years?  They were terrible.  Also, who do you know that can dance around on a stage like that and still have enough breath to even speak much less sing songs that still sound close enough to her album??  Only Beyoncé.  The woman is amazing.

And how could you not love boocoos of Beyoncés all at once?!

A Lot of Beyonces

I loved her whole show.  I could have done without the Destiny’s Child-Charlie’s Angels pose and B yelling, “Where my ring at?!” during “Single Ladies,” but other than that, it was the best half-time show I have seen in a while.

Here’s a fun fact for you:  The last time Beyoncé performed at the Super Bowl was singing the National Anthem in 2004.  And we ALL remember what happened that year…

Anyways, about 90 seconds after half-time, the power goes out in the Superdome.  Really?  That wasn’t on the checklist of things to make sure NEVER happen during the most-watch televised program of the year?   How embarrassing for the NFL.  Apparently they are still trying to figure out what happened but this is one theory…

Just for the record, Beyonce isn't in the illuminati.  That is the symbol for Jay-Z's record label, Roc-A-Fella Records...

Just for the record, Beyoncé isn’t in the illuminati. That is the symbol for Jay-Z’s record label, Roc-A-Fella Records…

Or this theory…

Did anyone else notice this during her performance? I did but I thought that was due to her being the least talented of the 3 DC members...

Did anyone else notice this during her performance? I did but I thought that was due to her being the least talented of the 3 DC members…

Also during half-time, we celebrated Neva & Korey’s engagement with toasts and laughs.

Neva’s sister, Kelsi, bailed on the toast and called out Gina to do it so she manned up and said some sweet things then Neva’s mom said some things and we all drank to the happy couple!


Aren’t they cute?

Neva & Korey taking a bite out of the chocolate decoration on their cake

Neva & Korey taking a bite out of the chocolate decoration on their cake

We had a lot of fun hanging out with everyone while secretly hoping we would get to keep all of their money (from the squares) and celebrating the love between two amazing friends!

What did you do for the Super Bowl?  Anything fun?

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