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30 Oct

Yesterday was National Cat Day so I want to give a shout-out to the best cat in the history of the world – HEMI!!



Also, just to give you an update on how she is doing…so far her kidney levels are the same – no better but that means no worse too so that’s really good news.  She is active and playful like she feels fine so that makes me happy.  BUT apparently she was bitter about not celebrating National Cat Day yesterday so she woke me up a little before 4:30am this morning…rude, Hemi, rude.


I was walking through SAMs the other day when I saw these…

Carton of Kiwi Berries

Carton of Kiwi Berries

They are called Kiwi Berries.  Ever heard of them?  No? Me either.  How does a new type of fruit just appear on the market when I have literally never even heard of such things for the past 25 years?!  I love kiwi and I love berries so obviously I had to buy them to see what they were all about.

They are about the size of large green grapes.

So you can see the size relative to my hands...

So you can see the size relative to my hand…

When I got home, I immediately had to inspect these things.  I wasn’t really sure how to eat them…regular kiwis are furry but these were smooth like grapes so can I eat the peel?  Sure, why not?

I washed them off, plucked off this little fuzzy tip on the end, and popped on into my mouth.  The end where it grows on whatever type of plant/tree/bush/whatever was hard so I had to spit that part out but it TASTED EXACTLY LIKE A KIWI!!   Look how cute they are…

inside of a kiwi berry

inside of a kiwi berry

These things are awesome!  You get the taste of kiwi without all the annoying work of peeling off the furry skin!  You just wash them like grapes, pluck off both ends, and eat!  Perfection!  Oh, AND you can have 20 of these bad boys for around 100 calories.  What a great snack!  I highly recommend everyone try these things!  The only place I have seen them so far though is at SAMs.  Have you seen them anywhere else??  Has anyone else tried Kiwi Berries?? Let me know what you think if and when you do!


In college, I started saving all of my loose change in a big Ozarka bottle.  You know the ones I am talking about…

Over the years, I collected quite a bit of change in this sucker.  A lot of it was found on the ground or in my parents’ house because my dad always had change and would hide it around the house for me to “discover” – yes I am still a small child but if you don’t get excited over finding free money, even if it is a few pennies, then you are just crazy in my opinion.  It was about half-full (optimism!) when Joseph and I decided to cash it in.  We had done this once in college with a bunch of change he had at his house and ended up being able to go skydiving off of it so that was awesome.  We decided this time to put it towards our bar fund for our wedding.

I don’t use Coinstar machines.  No way I am going to let you steal 10.9% of my earnings over the years of collecting change.  I knew the Wells Fargo in College Station had a coin-counting machine so I decided to call around to other branches in Houston to see if they had one…

Turns out College Station is the ONLY one I could find.  I literally called about 50 Wells Fargos in the Houston area.  NONE of them had one.  You can bring in change to any branch but not in mass amounts like we had.  So we decided we would take it to the College Station one the next time we went.  So before Daniel and Ali’s rehearsal, we stopped by Wells Fargo to cash it in.

Y’all, we clogged up the machine…

"changing" out the bags - yes, pun intended.

“changing” out the bags – yes, pun intended.

They had to come out and empty the bags.  Given, I think that it was already pretty darn full because we didn’t have THAT much change but it still felt pretty cool.  Oh and the majority of our coins were pennies but wouldn’t that be cool if they were all quarters?!

We ended up with $720 in change!  Not too bad considering I have hardly used cash in the past year to get any change so this was over maybe 2 years in college and a year after graduation.  So just remember the next time you are walking in a parking lot and see a penny and think “Oh it’s just a penny.  I’m not going to bother to pick it up.”  I will be coming behind you, thinking you are an idiot, and say, “Oooh! A penny!” with child-like excitement and possibly even throw in a “Finders Keepers, Losers Weepers.”


So I saw this video on YouTube.  Go watch it.  I’ll wait…



So yeah, I saw that video and thought to myself…I wonder how many people have died while Hardcore Parkouring??

Obviously, once again, I Googled it.  I didn’t see a definite answer but I found several stories of people all over the world that have died while Parkouring.  One article said a 24-year-old Russian female died after falling from 17 stories high because she missed the building the was aiming for…absolutely nuts.

It is pretty cool to watch but you definitely won’t catch me doing any of the things they do…

Here’s another cool video of parkour and freerunning.  The people who do these things have to be completely fearless.  Blows my mind.


It’s Hump Day everyone!!  So obviously I’ll leave you with this

Somehow I'm still not sick of this one...

Somehow I’m still not sick of this one...

Happy Wednesday!

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